How To Find A Job In an MNCs

Job interviews are among the first steps to getting that dream job.

However, long before you are called for an interview, HR managers will evaluate your portfolios and online profile before you are even called to prove your worth. Every deserving recruiter will look for you on social platforms, and with the CV on his desk he will be able to form a pretty clear picture of who you are. First impressions matter and you have to do it right the first time or you will be left on the sidelines.

So, every time you look at a vacancy, you can choose to be the star who stands out, the talented person the recruiter can’t get enough of, or you can be mediocre, thus obstructing your chances of getting a job.

So, here are some tips that will help you catch the eye of recruiters and stand out when looking for a job:

Chisel Your Presence On Social Networks

Presence on social networks can say a lot about you to your potential employers. Let’s not lie, today’s employers love to know everything about their potential employees. HR is no longer based solely on your resume and cover letter. Of course, they know that you are trying to appear as well as possible in these documents. So what do they do? They are looking for you on social networks. I read your tweets, Facebook posts, I see the videos on Instagram. With them, they are able to know the opinions and vision of the world you love. Are you the type who posts things that may be considered unsafe for work? Are you the guy who rumors online about his boss? Or you may have opinions that can be called “extremely controversial.” As a job seeker.

Make Extra Efforts

Recruiters receive thousands of resumes almost every day, especially the top organizations for which everyone wants to work. According to Glassdoor, on average, organizations receive approximately 250 resumes for each vacancy, and of these candidates, only 4 to 6 candidates will receive the opportunity for an interview and only one will receive the job. Another amazing statistic says that recruiters need an average of 6 seconds to scan a resume. As you can see, the competition is fierce and you have to make an extra effort to stand out from the crowd. Prove initiative. Share a link to your outstanding portfolio. You may have a personal blog in which you write thoughts on trending issues affecting your industry; which you can also share.

Subsequent Checks

We talked about the competition being fierce. So what does this mean for your applications? It simply means that you are likely to wait a while before finding out how well you did. For these recruiters, the competitors must be sorted out of the contenders, which will take some time. You may never hear of them within the time frame they promised you. Therefore, this is a later check. It’s part of the initiative we talked about. According to a website, the rejection rate of a resume increases by about 37% when no further verification is done. So, to stand out, you need to check the application later.

Improve Documents – Avoid Keywords

You can’t have a resume and cover letter filled with grammatical errors, wrong company name or other small details and expect to stand out. Yes, you may stand out for the human resources manager, but you will stand out in a negative way. Chisel your application with the right details and get a second person, and even a third person to check it out. It is also important to avoid keywords. These are the excessive adjectives you can find in every mediocre CV – words like motivated, passionate, determined, etc. You will need to find new ways to say these things without using clich├ęs. You can say things as they are, avoid exaggeration and a CV full of unnecessary details. For a resume that wants to stand out, less means more.

Stand Out In The Right Places

Finally, standing out from the crowd when it comes to employment applications is not child’s play. But it is possible. Apptians gave job seekers a chance to attract the attention of potential employers. Now, you just have to make every effort and become truly creative. This way, you will be visible to any human resources manager and you will be able to secure your dream job using our CV writing services and HR tips.

By Swastik Saraf

Swastik Saraf is a growth hacker, negotiator, & strategist with a sharp mind & having 5+ yrs of experience. He mainly worked with the CxO's and learned from them.