How to connect your Google Analytics account to your Google Search Console account?

Connecting the Google Search Console ✅ account with the Google Analytics account is important because this way we will have direct access from the Google Analytics account to the data that we can normally access only from the Google Search Console. How to check if my Google Analytics is connected with Google Search Console? To check whether your Google Analytics […]

Google News: March – April 2021

Every month, Google comes up with updates to create a better user experience. Therefore, in our SEO work, we have an interest in adapting ongoing efforts to the algorithm, so that we stay ahead of the competition. We, therefore, give you here the latest updates from Google as well as the influence it may have on the prioritization of your […]

How To Earn The Following Salary Negotiation: 6 Tips To Get The Best Offer

Imagine that you are getting an interview with a company that you have been waiting for for years. Everything is going well and suddenly the main question arises: What salary do you want? For most people, negotiating salary can sometimes be an embarrassing scenario. This scenario becomes all the more uncomfortable as the person in question is just starting their […]

SEO Optimization

With SEO Optimization Your Website Can Reach The Top 10 Google Results! SEO optimization is currently the only way you can be present in the most coveted, efficient, and honorable advertising location in the world – the first Google page! Of course, to get here you need a lot of work, determination, creativity, knowledge – both technical and business, in […]