Six Ways Socialization Can Help Your Career

We have all been told about the benefits of professional socialization. Especially when you work in a foreign country and speak many languages ​​fluently, social skills are essential. But not everyone took these lessons to heart. The truth is that not everyone likes the idea of ​​socializing. To some, it seems pretentious and manipulative. It can be misinterpreted as a way to use people to advance on a professional scale and get rid of them when you reach the top. That’s a pretty bad idea. This is because, in one way or another, we all socialize – in our careers and in other aspects of our lives.

Why Socialize?

Why Socialize? learn about socialization

As a young professional starting a career, socializing was not easy for me. The fact that I was an introvert and had a job(Project Management) that required meeting people every day didn’t help at all. But I didn’t think much of it. I worked, I performed the necessary official tasks and I thought that they should be able to take me to the top. And yet, my career did not flourish as I wanted. It wasn’t until I started socializing with people inside and outside the industry I was in that I saw years of hard work starting to bear fruit. Using the LinkedIn platform, I was able to find new connections that helped my career grow.

What Is Professional Socialization?

Socializing involves meeting and interacting with professionals inside and outside the industry you belong to, exchanging information, contacts and finding ways to help each other. It does not consist in transforming every personal relationship into professional relationships or in transforming relationships that could have become quite personal into a purely professional business. On the contrary, socializing involves recognizing the idea that we all need each other to achieve our dreams.

Ways That Professional Socialization Can Help Your Career

Bringing New Customers

Also, only when I started participating in social events such as conventions, workshops and seminars did I start bringing new clients for my company. These events are usually full of professionals who can try to take their business to the next level. In you, they can find the perfect partner.

Be Attractive As A Top Talent

Be Attractive As A Top Talent

As a job seeker, the benefits of socializing cannot be overemphasized. Recruiters are looking for the best talent to fill important positions, and your social skills will be important in this regard. Again, as a professional, you can recommend top talent to your company if you think they fit perfectly. The management will appreciate this and your value in the company will be higher. Everyone is also able to work with certain people they may have met outside of their company, long before they started working with or for them.

Improves Your Soft Skills

We talked about the ways in which professionals can develop and improve their soft skills. Socializing gives them the opportunity to make good use of these skills. By socializing, you increase your confidence level. You can also communicate freely and make your voice heard in the crowd. And it helps you improve public speaking, which ultimately makes you a thoroughbred professional.

More Visibility

There are careers that require you to be very visible. This way, you can build your status and gain more customers. Therefore, participate in more professional events, get more opportunities to speak in public and other things that increase visibility. By doing so, your level of credibility will gain ground and you will be better off as a result.

The Ability To Obtain Vital Information From Contacts

Socializing can be the best way to learn about the latest trends and developments in your field. Also, valuable information that can help your organization can be provided through socialization. Imagine that you are the person who is approached in the company when a proposal is made for a tender offer for a huge government contract because the management knows that you have some contacts that could work in favour of the company. Your value within the company will increase periodically.

Job Offers And Opportunities

According to a study, some experts say that 70% of the population has reached the current position due to socialization. Socializing can provide employment opportunities that you never thought possible.

Socializing As A Lifestyle

In conclusion, you have no reason not to socialize. Regardless of the industry, you are in, socialization will prove vital for general professional development. Use the LinkedIn platform to find more opportunities to socialize with employees and employers alike, and success in your professional career is guaranteed.

What benefits have you found in socializing and what doors has this opened in your career?

By Swastik Saraf

Swastik Saraf is a growth hacker, negotiator, & strategist with a sharp mind & having 4+ yrs of experience. He mainly worked with the CxO's and learned from them. He has learned in multiple domains to quickly improve his skills and got good exposure. He loves to accept challenges and for him, "NO" means "Next Opportunity".Recently, he started his own venture "Apptians"

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