SEO Secrets That Can Increase Your traffic

If you came to read this article, it means that you want to find out the best secrets and SEO tricks ✅ You can say that it is your lucky day because the tips you are going to find out here, can increase your website’s visibility on Google and organic traffic exponentially.

You may be wondering right now why we want to share with everyone some of the best-kept secrets in the world of online marketing. Yes, even Google hides many things about SEO.

Because we at Apptians have decided that we want a cleaner, more optimized internet. As an SEO agency, we consider that we also have a social responsibility related to organic searches. We want over 560 million internet users in India to be able to find on Google exactly what they are looking for.

You may not consider SEO secrets or tricks presented below. But, our advice is to read to the end and see what these secrets really are. It will be 5 minutes of your life that you will certainly not consider lost.

But let’s not waste any more time.

What are the top 5 items in a landing that Google reads?

No SEO specialist will tell you concretely what these five elements are or the order in which they are read or taken into account by search engines to establish positions in the SERP.

But as per my experience, these are:

SEO Secret # 1 – The URL or address of your web page

The URL or address of your web page

If you go deep, it makes sense. The address of the web page is equivalent to your home address and is the most important aspect of what SEO on-page optimization means.

If Postman has to deliver your letter without an address on it, can he reach out to you? Or if it has a partial address or gives him only some indications and not the full address on your letter?

He has to work hard, he may find it, but for Google’s understanding, it’s better to have a good URL. Obviously, Google now has AI. But still, your half address or unoptimized will be a problem for Google.

Do you think that you are telling a person that you live on South Ex Street, for example? Can that person find out where you live? I do not think so.

I think I convinced you that one of the biggest SEO secrets is the importance of the URL. You have to think of the perfect URLs for your website.

SEO Secret # 2 – Meta title

This is the second secret element that search engines take into account when establishing hierarchies in results pages.

Meta title in SEO

It’s not easy to make a perfect meta title. We will learn more about it in our future blogs and we will advise on how we should write a meta title. I have seen many automatic audits that are done online that check the number of characters and that’s it. You are in the graph as the number of characters, so you can move on to the next item. Nothing wrong!

And, to continue with the example from the URL, I want you to consider the META TITLE as that much-needed landmark that you provide to a person to find your address faster. META TITLE is the URL extension and must be treated as such. A quality Title Tag will help Google find your URL in a much shorter time, giving you a significant competitive advantage.

SEO Secret # 3 – Meta Description

It is the third ingredient read by search engines. Compared to the first two elements, the meta description is much more generous and we have a much larger number of characters. We recommend that you use it as intelligently as possible – you will learn how to make an ideal SEO meta description in our future blogs.

Meta Description in SEO is important secret

Remember, the meta description, in addition to the role of SEO helps a lot to increase the click rate. Also, don’t forget to use emojis for SEO.

SEO Secret # 4 – Headings

Anyone familiar with SEO news will say, “Hey, but they haven’t been a ranking factor since 2003. Look, John Muller, himself explains this to us in the Search Engine Journal.”

Importance of heading tags in SEO

Yes, as accurate as possible. However, if you read the article carefully you will see that these headings have an “insignificant” role in making Google better understand the content of the page. Ah, but how important this role is. Google now has artificial intelligence and he finally understands.

Seriously? Do you really think that in all this ocean of content Google does not need precise indications? We want it to reach us first, so we have to offer it “on the tray” as they say, all our content.

So, here’s another secret of ours, now yours too: DON’T listen to everything Google tells us and make sure with your programmer that you have implemented the headings correctly.

SEO Secret # 5 Content’

Here is a whole discussion. Content quality is important. But you probably knew that too 🙂. And yet, what’s the secret to content?

Content quality and its relevancy in SEO

You may smile – the content should be consistent with all four of the above. Yes, this is the big SEO secret related to content. From the experience of dozens of campaigns and hundreds of SEO audits performed, I can tell you that I saw pages of dressers full of bedside tables, pages of men’s suits full of jackets, pages of bicycles that contained more scooters than bicycles and so on.

Thus, the content must be as relevant as possible and support all the above elements.

SEO Secret # 6 – SEO without Link Building is not possible

For a start, I think we need to explain in a few words how search engines work.

Search engines, like Google, perform three important functions: crawl, index, and rank the results. In the first stage, the crawling robots start searching for content. To get from one destination to another (destinations being web addresses) they use LINKS and ANCHOR TEXT.

The links are basically the access roads between the sites. Thus, if a site does not have a core of links it will be practically untraceable for Google. Moreover, the new content on a site also needs links in order to be found more easily.

Ideally, a new page on the site should receive at least one external link within a maximum of two weeks of publication – SECRET SEO # 7

Importance of link building in SEO

In the second stage, search engines index the identified content in a database. Note that not all content of a site is indexed. There is a crawling budget that the engines allocate to each site.

Can you guess by what criteria this budget is allocated? We tell you, depending on the number of links.

In the last stage, search engines establish the hierarchy of results for each search.

In this context, we tell you that whoever claims that SEO results can be obtained without a constant link building strategy, either does not know what he is talking about or wants to keep this aspect secret. If you are thinking now to learn about it then there is a good new. We are very soon going to publish our blog on effective link building strategy.


The SEO secrets that I have revealed to you in this article you can apply immediately in your SEO optimization campaign. We hope that after reading this material you will see in a new light the SEO process and get the long-awaited results.

Or, if you don’t want to waste time learning SEO, in addition to the other 101 activities you have to do as an entrepreneur / manager, you can always contact us.

What other SEO secrets do you have to share?

By Swastik Saraf

Swastik Saraf is a growth hacker, negotiator, & strategist with a sharp mind & having 4+ yrs of experience. He mainly worked with the CxO's and learned from them. He has learned in multiple domains to quickly improve his skills and got good exposure. He loves to accept challenges and for him, "NO" means "Next Opportunity".Recently, he started his own venture "Apptians"

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