SEO is important for making your website reach the top of every related search query, as a result, your website will appear at the top on Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Other. With the great visibility of your pages in search results, more customers will reach your website.

SEO is just like the chemist in a medical store, where the chemist knows all the medicines with a name, price, and effects. Where you are the customer you need medicine without a doctor’s prescription, the chemist will show all the related medicines according to your prescription or the same. As in the world of the Internet, Search Engines are the chemist and customer as users. Similarly, we can also gain users from social media like Facebook, Twitter, Dribbble, Pinterest, and other media channels with the use of SEO’s method.

Organic traffics gives a very good reputation to websites. Also, these websites need to run smoother on any devices as users need speed in loading, or else it will leave a bad impression on websites.

Two types of group factors to make your website ranked via SEO

On-page SEO –

On-page Seo is also known as Technical SEO where. On-page handles all the architecture of pages, the content of products, and changes on web pages, that we can see on the website’s pages. The good in On-page SEO the more we attract the users to our websites. Where On-Page SEO needs to have very transparent that details are clear and media is also related to products. 

Off-page SEO –

Where it helps to gain users by posting content related to our products and information about websites to other crawlings Sites. Every link of our websites is attached with content and media that we are sharing gains a good reputation and makes easy to reach users need.

More about SEO – Technical SEO

More about SEO - Technical SEO

On-page SEO also refers to Technical SEO with the aim of improved organic rankings. Crawling, Indexing, Website architecture, and rendering are the most important component of Technical SEO. To optimize the infrastructure of your website, if you can’t fix issues in terms of Technical SEO, your website will face difficulty in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Google and other search engines always need to find, crawl, render and index the pages on your website. In terms of Security Technology SSL(Secure Sockets Layer), Domains also played an important role when “https://” is crawl first than “http://” as in 2014 Google Said they want a website with “HTTPS” and a website with “HTTPS” are given preference of secure over non-secure in search results. Also, SSL creates an encrypted bridge between the server and a browser.


SEO benefits the search engines for websites and provides users with better search results. I did seo for Red Dead Redemption Download But there’s a word “Toxins” is also playing a role of Spam content and shady techniques to gain users in SEO, where it is a group of Spam content that will make your website down, banned and pages received the ranking penalty for Toxins. To make distance from Toxins, On-Page SEO needs to maintain the content, media, and link that doesn’t contain plagiarisms and spam.

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