How to buy Facebook followers the Right Way

Facebook is the most famous social media platform, more then 2 billion people are using Facebook on a daily basis. There are lots of people who are online so there is much chance to get traffic for your website or getting sales for your products, but the problem is getting more followers is difficult so many people try to buy Facebook followers from the trusted vendors.

So the first thing is how to find out a trusted website that is selling real followers which will never drop from your page.  For these reasons, I’m trying to tell you how to buy real Facebook likes & followers for your page or profile.

Best place to buy Facebook followers:

Best place to buy Facebook followers

If you search on Google about it, there are many websites that provide you with social media marketing services but the problem is how to find the best place to buy followers. You need to know 5 things before placing the order:

  • Compare price with others
  • How much time they required
  • How they will deliver your order
  • Followers are real or not
  • Refill Guarantee

These 5 things are very important to know before placing an order on any website. My personal recommendation is to buy social media services especially Facebook followers from This website provides you with all these things better than others. I already tested this website and that’s why I highly recommend it to anyone who tries to grow up their social media followers.

How to buy Facebook followers safely:

Most websites are selling fake Facebook followers. But if you’re trying to buy real services you need to comparison all sites with others. Don’t try to buy cheap Facebook followers because if you do that you will lose your money. These people deliver you fake followers by running bot services. After one week your followers will be drop.

So if you don’t have any time to do that, simply place the order on which site I recommend.

5 pro tips to get more Facebook followers:

Buying followers isn’t the last way to grow your account, there are many other ways to do that. You need to know how you will get likes, comments,s and followers with a little bit of hard work. If you’re not satisfied with buying followers from the other person then try these 5 methods to get real, active, and non-drop followers.

Invite Friends:

Invite friends on FB

Business pages have an option to invite your friends to like and follow your page. Like & follow both are same so don’t confuse. Don’t try to invite more than 100 people at one time because the Facebook algorithm is very smart, their bot detects may be something wrong with your page and they will bock you to invite more people. So wait for one hour and then try again.

Share in Groups:

One of the best and my favourite option is sharing your content in your relevant groups.  For example, your page is related to dogs then try to find groups related to this category and share your page post in these groups. In this case, you will get more likes and followers and also get engagement on your page. This method also will help you to earn money as well if your page is monetized. Because many people use this method to make money online.

Post with Hashtags:

Usually, hashtags use on Twitter and Instagram to increase followers but now Facebook also has this option to find the related post to your hashtags. Use hashtags related to your content only, in this case, you will get a great audience that is interested in your topic. If you don’t use hashtags your content will not show to more people which means you will lose one great option to grow likes and followers.

Warning: Don’t write more than 10 hashtags in one post, it looks like spamming and people will not attract to your post.

Promote with running Facebook ads:

Last but really great method to grow your page with running Facebook ads. This is a real method but very expensive sometimes. Facebook detects more money if you want a targeted audience from them. This can help those people who trying to find targeted people for their products. It’s not easy to do that at the start but if you try again and again you will get better results. Making only one ad will not get good results. Try to make 3 to 4 different targeting ads and then analyze which one is working fine, that stop other ads and you will get better results. 

Post viral content:

This is very unique method to grow up your page, you need to post viral content on your page continuously.  Focus on big social media news channels and grab news from their, write in your own words and create eyes caching image and upload on your page. This will help you to get more active followers in very shot time.

If you don’t have time to do that simply hire someone from Fiverr or any other social media platform to do this job for you at cheap prices. This will give you lots of benefits.

About the Author:

This blog has been written by Hafiz Shahid who is a Social Media Marketing and SEO consultant and a freelancer from Pakistan, having more than 5-years of experience in this field. You may contact the author at

Disclaimer: This is a guest post and the views express here are presented by the author are of his own. Apptians doesn’t take any responsibility for any promotional offer or other events/harm occurring due to this post/article.

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