Google Match type changes

This blog is related to important upcoming updates for the Google Ads Phrase and Broad Match Modifier. First of all, What is the Broad Match Modifier? It basically means that the words you put in must be present in order for your ad to show up. so if your words the list broad match modifier does not add the ad was not shown up. it’s kind of like phrase match type. But the difference is Phase and Broad match Modifier is the Broad match modifier can help any words in any order and they can help any words in between. so for example my broad match modifier terms are “Buy flying bird” if that is a phrase people who said “buy super flying Bird” would not see my Ad. and however broad match modifier as longest those three words are somewhere in the search term my ad would show up.

Google Ads Phrase and Broad Match Modifier match types the earliest change been February 18th, 2021. and there are some other upcoming changes later on to pretending to this match type.

Google Ads Phrase and Broad Match Modifier match

What Is the Reason for the Change?

  • Google is continuously shifting towards a more automated approach. Ideally, the Goal of Google is for customers to combine and say ‘Hello Google, I would like to parches three customers please’. and Google goes ahead and get see those customers why do we have no questions asked. You pay the 5 Bugs and get or the customers 10 Bugs. whatever that obvious the ultimate goal that’s something is work and all.

  • This is why all the automated bidding strategies were implemented, as well as previous match type updates(such as exact match types not being “exact”). So overall their shifting towards an automatic approach. because google is a multi-multi multi-billion-dollar company right they have a lot of information about people they have a lot of money for technology to develop at all.

Change #1 – Phrase Match Type

  • Starting February 18th, 2021, the phrase match type will work exactly like the broad match modifier (BMM) match type, which means word order WILL NO LONGER MATTER.

  • So let me explain in more detail in an Example. So here’s the illustration.

Phrase Match Type
  • We have the search queries in the middle let’s look at what’s happening right now before the changes. so we looking at this little circle on the left. so if someone type of ‘affordable moving services NYC to Boston’ right now the ads will show up. If you have this Phrase match type.
  • Now someone’s type is ‘NYC corporate moving services to Bpston’ your ad will not show for the phrase match type because in this case, the words are not in the order.
  • For the last example here ‘moving services Boston to NYC’ as if right now your ad is showing up because all these words in here are in order.
  • Now with this upcoming change, first of all, Notice, there is just phrase match there is no really broad. you can see here this last search query here ‘moving services Boston to NYC’ no longer shows up. and that’s what I mean by this automatic system. Google saying order matters here so ‘moving services NYC to Boston’ that’s important. So that’s what this automation comes in. Now Google has gone a determine where the order matter.

Change #2 Broad Match Modifier

  • Starting February 18th, 2021, Broad Match Modifier(BMM) keywords will work the exact same way as a Phrase Match type.
  • you no longer need to put a + (Plus Sign) in front of every word. For example typing: +buying tickets now is enough to create a BMM keyword. Before this change, you can put + (plus sign) in all the words for example typing: +buying +tickets +now.
  • You will not be able to create any new broad match modifier keywords as of July 2021.
  • Existing broad match modifier (BMM) keywords will still work as normal. However, if you try to edit any BMM keywords, they will be changed to phrase match type. If you change the keywords all the data will stay for that BMM keyword. it will just be converted into a phrase match type keyword.

How Does This Affect You?

  • Understand that if you have existing phrase match types, the order of the words contained no longer matters re-evaluate your keywords.
  • You should see an increase in phrase match type clicks/impressions.
  • You should see a decrease in broad match modifier match type clicks/impressions.


So just start now by using Phrase Match Type to get used to them. they are the exact same thing as Broad Match Modifier starting February 18. So just get into the habit of using them and you can see, you can get an idea of what Google determines by order matters or not. So you would have to use the search term report and just kind of see where or how good Google automated system at determining where the order truly matters or not. And that’s it for the changes. and if you know more about Google Ads and How to make campaigns in Google Ads you can read this too.