If you write an Amazing Blog or have built a Good Website but can’t make money from it, you can apply for an Affiliate Marketer. Affiliate Marketing was the Concept that means, you can make money at any time of your comfort, from anywhere, even from home or while you are sleeping.

It is what we say, a Person is marketing for another person’s or company’s products from his/her websites or blogs and for that, the first person earns a commission. The Main Advantage of the Affiliate Marketer is that you never deal with the customers nor do you have any tension for customer satisfaction. Also in this, you have the option to work from home so that if you do not like to go to the office, you can work as per your will and choice.

How Affiliate Marketing is working?

How Affiliate Marketing is working

When your blog is not approved by Google AdSense then you make a blog for Affiliate Marketing online businesses that can help you to make money from Affiliate Marketing.  For joining Affiliate Marketing you have to join some other company’s Affiliate Program like Amazon, Flipkart, HostGator, Bluehost, etc.

Here are some steps for joining Affiliate Marketing Programs

Steps for joining Affiliate Marketing Programs
  • First of all, you can go to some selling product sites like Amazon or Flipkart and make an account for Affiliate Marketing. if you don’t know which site makes Affiliate Programs then you go to Google Search Engine and search Affiliate Program …..(company’s name) ex. affiliate program amazon.
  • The second step is that you visit the website and search the option for joining Affiliate or Affiliate Program and make account as an Affiliate Marketer. For creating an account you need some details like Full Name, Address, Country, State, Email ID, Mobile Number, Pan card Details, Blog or Website or YouTube URL, and Bank Details depending on the website for which you are creating your account. This may vary from website to website.
  • Now the final step is, you sign in to the website and take any product’s URL and paste this URL in your blog or website.

The Main Part of Affiliate Marketing is that you get the visitors of your blog or website to visit the product link that you have displayed on your web/blog. If the traffic is more on the product link then you will have a better chance to earn more money. As a number of impressions are directly proportional to the CTR and if the product is really good, this CTR gets converted into product purchase. In short, more traffic to your blog/website is good because when the more customer comes for the product and buys it than you get more commission from that company. It solely depends on you, how you are attracting the customers for the products.


The Most Useful Advantage for Affiliate Marketing is that you can join this program with ease, it’s free, physically nothing is required to set up. So if you have more traffic on your website and blog then you can easily apply for Affiliate Marketer.