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Let’s first see, What is Google Keyword Planner?

So basically, Google Keyword Planner is a Keyword Research Tool used to find/discover keywords for different websites which helps you in finding the relevant keywords for the SEO.

When you search your “head-keywords” in Google Keyword Planner, It also suggests the other keywords relevant to your website along with its monthly average searches and usage of that keyword by the searcher.

Keyword Planner also provides a way to create a Search Champaign for your website in-depth.

Let us know some benefits of using a Keyword Planner.

They are:

  • Create a new Champaign: Use your “head-keywords” to create a Champaign and perform in-depth research on your keywords.
  • See Average Monthly searches: We can also see the average monthly searches of the keywords done by the researchers. According to which, priority to some specific keywords can be given.
  • Discover other organic keywords used by Searcher: Keyword Planner also suggests/helps you discovering other keywords that are more useful and highly searched by the users in Search Engines, which also helps you get more organic traffic to your website than expected.
  • Cost of keywords: Keyword also shows the average cost of keyword paid by Customers for a particular keyword.
  • Know competition of keywords: Keyword also makes you determine the competition on each keyword you want to use. The keywords in which the competition is low are easy to rank on the first page, the one with average competition can be ranked on the first page will little more hard work and the ones with the high competition are toughest to be rank But can be ranked on the first page to lots and lots of hard work.

Google Keyword Planner is available in both: Free as well as the paid version.

The paid version is obviously better as it offers more output and facilities for organic keyword research. But, the free version is also good in the learning phase for keyword research.

In this blog, we will learn

How you use Google Keyword Planner for free?

Step: 1

Open your search engine and type “Google Keyword Planner“. You will see the results like the image given below,

Then, Click on the second link i.e.: “Google Ads Keyword Planner” and you will be redirected to the home page of Keyword Planner.

Step 1 of Google Keyword Planner

Step: 2

Click on “Google Keyword Planner”, the one which is highlighted in the blue box.

Step 2 of Google Keyword Planner

Step: 3

After clicking on the Blue box you will be redirected to the page where you need to Enter your credentials and Sign-In with your google account.

Step 3 of Google Keyword Planner

Step: 4

After signing into your Google Account, Click on the button on the top-left of the page.

Then, click on “+ New Account” button highlighted with blue box.

Step 4 of Google Keyword Planner

Step: 5

After that, you will be redirected to the page shown in the image below.

This is the step when most of the people make mistakes and because of that, they need to create a new Campaign for which, they also need to provide their bank details to the website. Creating a campaign is only necessary if you are a specialist/expert. Other than that, Google Keyword Planner works well for normal use for Keyword-Research.

Click on “Switch to Expert Mode” on the bottom of the page.

Step 5 of Google Keyword Planner

Step: 6

These all are the options necessary for creating a Campaign for Google Keyword Planner. Here, we do not need any Campaign for using it.

Click on “Create an account without campaign” which is highlighted with blue box.

Step 6 of Google Keyword Planner

Step: 7

Do not edit/manipulate any of the options from the following and directed click on the “Submit” button. You will be redirected to the next step.

Step 7 of Google Keyword Planner

Step: 8

Click on big dark blue having the text as “Explore Your Account”.

Step 8 of Google Keyword Planner

Step: 9

After this , you will be redirected to page as shown below.

Click on “Tools” present on the top menu panel in dark grey color.

Step 9 of Google Keyword Planner

Step: 10

After clicking on the “Tools” Menu , Click on Keyword Planner to use it.

Step 10 of Google Keyword Planner

Step: 11

As soon as you click on “Keyword Planner”, you will be redirected to the keyword planner where you can start discovering your keyword with the help of the tool.

Click on “Discover new Keywords” and here your journey for searching relevant keywords begins.

Step 11 of Google Keyword Planner

This is how, you can use the Google Keyword Planner for free without creating Campaign.

In the next blog, We will learn

  • How to use Google Keyword Planner to find relevant keywords for your website.
  • Find the Average search volume of the keyword.

Till then, stay tuned and if you haven’t read my first blog on “What are keywords and their different types”, please go and read it.

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By Sumit Manani

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