Keywords in SEO

Have you ever imagined a Train without Rails or A Hot air Balloon without Air? The whole process of doing an SEO to a website without using appropriate keywords is like imagining a Trains without Rails and Hot Air Balloon without Air.

Keywords play a vital role in the entire process of SEO to any of the websites.

Now the question is,

What are these Keywords and How do they play an important role in the SEO Process?

Mainly SEO Keywords are the phrases related to your web content which helps the Google Search Engine to relate the information searched by the User. They are ideas and topics that give information about the content present on your website. The words or phrases that are entered by the searchers in the browser/Search Engine are known as “Search Queries”. If your website has content related to every image, video, documents, or copies then that phrases become the primary keyword of your website.

As a website developer or Content Writer, you should use the keywords or phrases of words relevant to your content of the website.

Keyword Research is also an important practice to choose an appropriate keyword. The power of keyword research lies in better understanding your target searcher and how they are searching for your content, services, or products.

Keyword Research provides you with the specific idea on search data that can help you answer questions like:

  • What are these people searching for?
  • What is the number of people searching for that content?
  • In which format do they want that searched information?
  • What kind of phrases are people using to search that data?

Below are few examples of relevant content depending upon your website content.

If you have a website related to dogs, your keywords can be Indian dog breeds, Indian food for dog breeds, Healthy foods for dogs, Equipment used to take good care of dogs, different kind of dog breeds, the best food for dogs, etc.

If you have a website related to software development, your keywords can be Best App Developers in Melbourne, Software developers in (name of your city), Best IT Consultant in Melbourne, etc.

If you have a website containing information about the tourist spots, keywords can be Best tourist spots in (name of the city), best hotels near (name of tourist spot), a Best tourist guide in (name of your city), etc.

Why Keywords in SEO are important?

Keywords are important because it is the bridge between what the searcher is searching for and what you are providing to fill that needs. The goal of the website developer or the owner is to bring the organic traffic to their website from the search engine result pages (SERP), and the keywords you choose to target will determine what kind of traffic you will get on your website. Like if you have a website related to multiple things (as if website development, app development, software development, digital marketing, etc. (all on a single website), you will only get the traffic on your targeted keywords, so if you choose to target the keywords for a specific topic (like digital marketing), you will only get the traffic related to that topic (related to digital marketing in this case).

So, It is advisable to be smart while choosing and using your keywords.

Using Long-Tail keywords is more advisable to use for your website

Now the question is:

long tail keywords

What are Long-Tail keywords?

Long-Tail keywords are the phrases that give detailed information about the search. Sometimes, Google gets confused about the search done by the Searcher and shows irrelevant results of the search as it cannot simplify the content you are looking for. So, if you describe your search in a detailed manner, Google will easily able the figure out the information you need.

Long-Tail keywords are also known as “Head-Keywords” as it targets the main topic to be searched.

Usually, these Long-Tail keywords have less search volume and are less popular as compared to Short-Length keywords. But we should not underestimate these less popular keywords even if they have less search volume. Long-Tail keywords with less search volume often cover better, because the searcher exactly knows what he/she wants and describes his/her need in detail. For example, someone searching for a “watch” is probably just browsing. But on other hand, a person looking for a particular “watch” will search for “White Dial Golden Stainless Steel 44 MM Titan Watch” practically have their wallet out to shop. Even this keyword has less search volume, it will be on the first page of the SERP.

How do we discover keywords for our website?

While developing the website, we have some of the head keywords in our mind that we would like to rank our website. These can be things like services, products, or other topics that our website addresses, and that are also the seed keywords research, so we should start there! Further, Use the keyword research tools for gathering the information about monthly search volume searched using that particular keyword and similar keywords which can also be used having high search volumes.

Keyword research tool can help us determine which variations of our keyword is most popular getting high search volume amongst searchers. Once you enter your keyword into the research tool, you will begin to discover the other keywords related to your need, common questions for it, as well as other topics related to it.

Let us take an example of a “Venue booking website”.

Typing the “Banquet Hall” or “wedding party plot” into a research tool, you may discover highly relevant, highly searched for the related term as:

  • Party plots for wedding
  • Catering services for wedding
  • Best Banquet hall near me

In the process of discovering the keywords, you will see that the other keywords related to your website suggested by the research tool have high search volume as compared to the keyword used by you.

Along with that, it is also important to know that the entire website does not rank just by using the keywords, only pages do.

Why are Long-Tail keywords advisable to use more on your website?

There is strong competition in the short-tail keywords or singular phrase keywords. If someone searches “App”, Google doesn’t know if you are looking for some application, app developer, app tester, or anything else. And for this solution, Long-Tail keywords have a more clear and defined idea about the search as it describes the search properly.

And also, Long-Tail keywords are less competitive as compared to Short-Tail keywords to bring organic traffic to the website, which is beneficial for freshly developed or new websites.

Now the question arises that:

How to Use Keywords on your website?

How to use keywords on your website

There are multiple ways to use these keywords in your website. There are tags in the HTML which you can use to give an idea about your content to the Google Crawler. Different types of tags like TITLE, ALT, DESCRIPTION, etc. are used to write the keywords on the website. Using keywords in these tags is the most basic idea to target your content to the searchers.

Another way to use these keywords is to include them in your content. When writing the content of your website, use these keywords and place them in your content in such a way that it does not affect the content of your website, as well as gives an idea about the information placed in the website.

You can also make the keywords bold in your content.

It is also not advisable to use so many keywords in the website in bulk that it makes the content a hint to robot friends only in the search engine. Only use the keywords which make the real-value in the search to the real people.

There are also some basic rules or Guidelines on How and Where to use these keywords which should be followed to get a good amount of organic and real traffic on your website.

How to find relevant keywords for your website?

There are various steps you should follow to find the appropriate keywords for your websites:

  • Study your content properly.
  • Target your goals.
  • Make a list of topics you want to target.
  • Create a list of phrases used in the content.
  • Use the keywords research tools like Ahrefs, MOZ,
  • Study the search intent properly.
  • Use long-tail keywords more which defines your content properly.
  • Target your competitors accordingly.

There are different keyword Research Tools in SEO which you can use to find the keywords, find its average monthly searches (AMS) and use the keywords accordingly.

Among them, Some of the Research Tools are open source and free to use, while some are paid Tools.

Different Keywords Research Tools are:

Google Keyword Planner is a free Keyword Planner tool that is used to research keywords, find their average monthly searches, their competitiveness, etc.


In the next blog, we will see the example to use Google keyword planner step-by-step and we will also see how to use them to make titles and descriptions in your website.

Till then stay tuned and read our other blogs. You can reach out to me for writing a guest blog posts at We are also providing 1 free backlink to your social media page or to your website.

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