SEO Vs. SEM: The Main Similarities and Differences Between the Two Types of Online Marketing

In order to better understand the similarities and differences between the two concepts, SEM and SEO ✅ let’s see what each means: SEO ➡️ Search Engine Optimization SEM ➡️ Search Engine Marketing What does SEO mean? SEO refers to all those actions of optimizing a site that we undertake in order to generate as much organic traffic (unpaid) from search […]

What is Google’s Rank Brain Algorithm and How it works?

Given that Rank Brain is one of the most important ranking signals ➡️ we can realize that artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way the search engine understands the queries and how it works behind them. Google and other search engines are getting smarter and faster in displaying results. SEO work can no longer be based on traditional marketing strategies, which […]