15 money-making apps that (almost) feel illegal to know

1. Miles

Get paid for walking, taking the train, driving, riding a bike, and moving. Download the app, register, turn on the location, forget it, earn gift cards and many more rewards.

miles - drive, bike, run, save

2. Peer2Profit

This app pays you for using your computer, tablet, or phone as usual. Unused internet power gets sold to advertisers, internet companies, and marketing agencies. Earn about eight dollars and fifty cents per month per device.


3. Observa

Earn money by taking pictures of stores & product placements, and answering questions. Get secret shopper opportunities that’ll pay you for eating or shopping somewhere. You can expect between $ 4-20 paid via PayPal.


4. SocialGood

This app pays you up to 100 crypto for shopping like you normally would at over 1800 of your favorite online stores like: – eBay – Home Depot – AliExpress – Walmart.


5. 1Q

Get paid up to 3$ for answering short questions. Instant payout via PayPal with no minimum withdrawal requirements.


6. Amazon Shopper Panel

This app lets you earn money for showing your receipts from purchases outside of http://amazon.com. Upload 10 receipts and earn $10 towards your Amazon balance. Earn extra money with surveys.

Amazon Shopper Panel

7. Eureka

Take short surveys, enter cash giveaways, complete daily polls, and get instant cash. (Up to $6 per survey)


8. WeBull

This app lets you earn 12 free stocks just for signing up and depositing one penny. The stocks are valued at up to $36.000.


9. Mobee

Do you like going to Starbucks? Earn money by giving feedback about coffee shops, restaurants, and businesses. After submitting your answers you’ll be rewarded with $5-10.


10. Global Adventures

Earn up to $100 for submitting a 30+ minute video of your favorite scenery.

Global Adventures

11. HyreCar

Rent out your car to gig workers and earn up to $720 per month. (Your car is protected by HyreCar’s liability protection)


12. MistPlay

Play mobile games and earn money with Mistplay. Earn points for playing games and redeem them for gift cards. An alternative for iPhone users is Prizes by Gamee.


13. Mindswarms

Answer survey questions via video. Earn a minimum of $10 per study and get paid within 24 hours via PayPal.


14. Piñata

Build your credit & save money for something you have to do anyway: Pay rent. Earn points by confirming on the Piñata App your on-time rent payments. You can redeem them for gift cards and rewards. Save money on everyday expenses in their deals Marketplace.


15. MakeMoney

Test services, complete various tasks, play games, answer surveys and earn points for PayPal payouts. You can earn around $50-200



I have tried my best to include all the genuine money making apps as per my expereince. if you think any of them are froadsters or have any other suggestions to add. Do sent me an email at hello@apptians.com

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