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There are numerous advantages to relocating to Australia, including the excellent educational system, good quality of life, and beautiful scenery and temperature. However, before you start daydreaming about a flat white on the beach, be sure your immigration and visa paperwork is in order. Not having the proper immigration documents can cause a lot of problems, and in the worst-case scenario, you could be deported from Australia.

The immigration process may not be the most fun component of your relocation, but it is critical. Immigration services are thankfully available to assist you on your journey. Keep reading to know about some of our favourite options when it comes to the

Best consultant in Australia, Melbourne.

  1. GIEC Global – Based in Melbourne, the Australia education consultant is one of the best in our list. From travelling, to studying, or any kind of visa. GIEC Global has assisted many people to choose their dream and work on their desired places. Both in Australia and through its Indian branch offices, the company is well-known for its world-class migration services. The best education consultancy not only offers clear and practical immigration advice as well as help with the preparation and submission of visa applications. It is one of the best education consultants Melbourne They have specialised in talent migration, 457 work visas, student visas, and permanent residency, spousal and family migration, and all challenging migration concerns, as well as AAT Appeals, over the years.
  1. Austral – Austral, which specialises in both permanent and provisional residency visas, has assisted over 2,000 people in obtaining visas to Australia, giving world-class assistance along the way. Austral is well-equipped to manage the complex immigration system, thanks to a dedicated staff of immigration lawyers and agents. The Career education consultancy australia offers a Pay As You Go Payment Plan, which ensures that if you have to abandon the process at any point, your payment will be limited to the work completed to that point.
  1. SeekVisa – If you’re looking to relocate for a job, SeekVisa is a good option. TSS 482 visas (Temporary Skill Shortage visas), ENS 186 visas (Employer Nomination Scheme), 491 Regional visas (Skilled Work), Business and Investment visas are all specialties of its reputed migration agents and lawyers. SeekVisa is one of the australia study visa consultants also offers a number of self-help migration resources, including a PR Points Calculator to help you better understand your eligibility and requirements
  2. Aussiz – PTE online coaching, PTE tutorials, online IELTS test practise, and NAATI CCL courses are provided by the Aussizz Group’s team of immigration and education specialists to help you prepare fully for the immigration process. With its resources, you’ll be prepared to overcome any obstacles in your way to landing your ideal job in Australia. This australia student visa consultants has a track record of successfully placing individuals in the hospitality, engineering, nursing, and IT industries in Australia.
  3. Sable International – Immigration and visa specialists who are well-versed in the latest rules and processes, as well as nationality experts. They’ve worked with immigration authorities for a long time and don’t take any chances.

It is one of the best consultants for Australia study visa they do is aimed at assisting you in realising your migration, career, and travel goals. They provide the skills and resources to assist you to file a successful application for permanent residence, a partner or family member visa, or an employment visa.

  1. Newland Chase – With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Newland Chase Australia assists businesses and people operating in Australia with all of their immigration and visa needs, both inbound and outbound to more than 190 countries worldwide. The education agents australia handle all of your company visa and staff immigration needs because they offer a broad range of services.

    The migration regulations in Australia are complicated and continuously changing. They will help clients through the entire process, supporting organisations and people along the way, with our unrivalled experience, knowledge, and skill. Several former senior managers and officers from the Australian Department of Immigration make up the core of our leadership team, having experience in the Department’s operational, policy, and secretarial areas.
  2. ANZ migrate – ANZ Migrate boasts a remarkable 100 percent success rate for its wide range of applications, including business, investment, skilled, and family visas, over the last 12 months, demonstrating its professionalism and expertise.

    With a specialised office in Singapore that provides free consultations, ANZ Migrate, one of the pioneers of immigration consultancy in Australia and New Zealand, helps you achieve your dream of living in the Pacific.


As you plan your relocation to Australia, it’s critical that you choose the proper partner to help you get there. This involves finding a consultant who has the resources to assist you with all elements of your move, including after you’ve crossed the border. The list above will help you in deciding which one you should choose. Fortunately, At GIEC Global you can get the required help you will need before or after going anywhere. So, Travel safely with GIEC Global

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