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The large market share of Google and the fact that most of the Indians are online makes search engine optimization all the more important. A website without good search engine optimization and without taking into account the essential ranking factors that are necessary for a TOP 10 Google SERP will therefore not be found with ease. Unless someone specifically types the name of your company in the search engine, it will be difficult for your company to show up on Google.

Unfortunately, every agency writes on their website “we also do search engine optimization”. Logical: if you say that you can’t do that, you often don’t get the job. Often you have to find out afterwards that you are not really placed after all.

Marketing for contractors

marketing for contractors

Why SEO and Local SEO?

Quite simply: Because at least 1/3 of all search queries have a local reference. No wonder, after all, thanks to the smartphone, we always have the Internet with us. Nice and comfortable, isn’t it?

This is exactly why it is important for you as a local company to be found in local searches. Whether on Google, Bing or in directories and review portals such as TripAdvisor and Justdial.

Because also in the local search the following applies: The winner takes it all!

What is a construction site advertised for?

The promotion of a construction site has several goals at the same time:

  • Getting the website to the top – For important queries on Google and Bing, it may have been easier for customers to find them.
  • Increase conversions – Search engines come to the website with “warm” visitors who are most likely ready to order the service.
  • To improve convenience – so that users can feel comfortable on the website and easily find all the information they need;
  • Increase customer confidence – Since users are looking for a website themselves, SEO advertising is more profitable than other advertising methods in terms of trust. Most visitors are confident that once a company is at the top of Google, it is reliable.

Organic SERPs are a powerful source of persistent traffic. At first, the SEO effect is not very high, but after a few months, the positions in search engines start to grow and attract more and more new visitors. The result is retained for a long time after the optimization, which is not the case with other types of advertising.

Promotion of construction sites for construction companies: characteristics

Advertising for a construction company on the Internet has several distinctive features:

  • High competition – A lot of companies operate in this niche, so the competition is pretty tough. Moving high frequency queries up is made even more difficult by the fact that aggregators, message boards, and context links come first. At the same time, the costs per click in PPC advertising are quite high;
  • Seasonality – This is especially true of private houses, which begin construction in mid-spring and end in mid-autumn, before the onset of winter. Although modern technologies enable building to be carried out in winter, the demand for building services decreases in cold weather,
  • Tied to the region – In most cases, construction companies operate in their city or region, although some are willing to travel to remote locations,
  • Long term business – Building a house is a lifelong decision and nobody makes it overnight. So promoting construction is not just about attracting a potential buyer. It is important to stand out from the crowd and be remembered the first time. Then show your competence and reliability by staying on the website.

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