importance of a corporate blog for a company

A corporate blog can prove to be a good investment for any company. This increases the credibility of your company. At the same time, you are addressing many customers. With the corporate blog, you are not primarily marketing your own products. Rather, it is about providing the user with a great deal of information. If you also pay attention to a high added value when creating the content, you will score with the reader. A corporate blog also improves your reputation and visibility on Google. It is also interesting that a company arouses interest in applicants through regular news. As a result, there will be one or two more competent applicants. This offers great potential for your company.

The success factor for corporate blog

Advantages of corporate blogs at a glance

  • Advertise your own products and services
  • Provide interesting news for the reader
  • With a high added value, you can find new customers and retain existing customers in the long term
  • Regular contributions increase the awareness of your company
  • The reputation increases
  • The  visibility in Google increased  to
  • Motivated applicants will find you based on the interesting facts
  • Company pages with purely static content receive little attention from Google. With the corporate blog you regularly offer the search engine “food”
  • You can turn the blog into a community

What distinguishes the successful corporate blog?

Work with an editorial plan

If you want to create an extensive corporate blog, you need a good overview. This means that there is no overlap. In the editorial plan, you specify, among other things, the topics and the publication dates. Also, note which authors should create and publish the respective contribution. When creating the editorial plan, it is best to make sure that new articles are regularly posted online. In order to get the necessary attention from the users, it is best to post interesting news with real added value three times a week.

Plan for all major costs

A corporate blog is not associated with extreme costs, but you should set a sufficient budget in advance. Remember that you don’t just have to pay the author’s fee. Items that you buy elsewhere must also be paid for. Likewise, a blog article without a picture would be boring and would not appeal to the reader. If you have to buy photos, there is also a cost. It is important to keep all of these factors in mind when planning your budget.

Prefer important topics instead of self-promotion

Advertising on the blog has numerous advantages. For the benefit of the reader, however, you should refrain from constantly promoting your own products. Instead, write about interesting topics. The content should also offer real added value so that the reader’s interest increases. Of course, the corporate blog gives you the opportunity to contribute your own views. You can also offer solutions or actively involve the user. This will generate considerable interest in your company.

Use google analytics

To see how many users are looking around your blog, you can use Google Analytics. Of course, other analysis tools are also available. By tracking the accesses, you get a good feeling about which posts are relevant for the user and which are irrelevant. You will also find out how to optimize the posts. The tool shows visitor numbers and page views.

Orientate yourself also to the competition

It may sound strange, but the success of your blog also depends largely on the competition. So take every opportunity to look around on other blogs on the net. For example, you will receive new inspiration there and you can also comment on the contributions. This in turn increases the interactivity of your own corporate blog. It is also advantageous if you take up new topics in between that are not directly related to your company. This will increase the interest of the readership of your blog in different areas.

Summary – This is what makes a good corporate blog

  • Make use of a clear and good plan
  • In addition, you plan all important costs
  • Do not do any self-promotion
  • Instead, you take up different topics
  • Analyze users and traffic
  • Trust an expert if you don’t know how to blog yourself
  • Check out other blogs

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By Swastik Saraf

Swastik Saraf is a growth hacker, negotiator, & strategist with a sharp mind & having 5+ yrs of experience. He mainly worked with the CxO's and learned from them.

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