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Online reputation management, or ORM, is a term that has become established in the field of PR – public relations and as the name suggests it deals with the influence and control of the reputation of an organization/individual.

Today, due to the rapid expansion of the Internet and social networks, Social Media (see Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others), combined with the emergence of companies specializing in Online Reputation Management, the term has gained more relevance online, becoming a term independently. And, since everything happens in the online environment, the term has become ORM, the abbreviation for Online Reputation Management.

Online reputation is perhaps the most valuable asset for an organization (be it business, public institution, non-profit organization, etc.) and/or individual. A negative reputation will surely gonna have the most unpleasant effects.

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ORM – suitable for businesses and public figures!

You are an entrepreneur and you own a business, you have a liberal profession (lawyer, doctor, dentist, accountant, architect, etc.), you are the manager of a public institution, you are a politician, you are in the top the richest businessmen in India or you are pure and simply a successful manager? It means that someone, somewhere, on the internet comments and writes reviews about you and/or the business of the institution you run. In this context, you should be concerned with ORM, or, more precisely, with your image in the online environment. Most of the time you do not build this image yourself and unfortunately, you do not have total control over it.

Today, if we are in one of the above situations, a large part of our activity is carried out, whether we want it or not, in the online environment and it is influenced by the reputation in the online environment. In most cases this is an extremely beneficial thing and, at least for those who have understood the power of the online environment, the development possibilities that open up are almost limitless.

Never in human history has communication been so simple and easy and freedom of expression has never been so easy to “express.” In recent years, the emergence and massive development of numerous sites where anyone can express an opinion on anything combined with the accelerated global expansion of social networks have transformed the consumer from a passive entity into an extremely active player.

The Internet has practically transformed, in a relatively short time, from a static environment, a presentation environment where communication was one-way into a two-way communication channel. Today, prospects, customers, consumers, almost anyone who posts on Facebook about their latest shopping experience, comments on blogs that interest them, writes a review about their last holiday destination and the last hotel where they stayed, thus influencing the ORM of your business or your image as a public figure.

So, if you think that your image can exist without ORM – online reputation management , you have to think again!

An ORM campaign , depending on the intentions and needs of everyone, can have three main objectives:

Increasing the visibility and confidence of businesses at the beginning of the road!

The development of a business today is, as we argued above, dependent on what happens on the Internet. Visibility and trust are perhaps the most important factors in the success of your business. The Apptians team, together with you, can think and implement an efficient online reputation management strategy through which to increase the company’s brand awareness from the first months of its existence.

Protect businesses and people from possible image attacks!

The greater the opportunities in the online environment, the higher the risks to which we are exposed. At any time, a nervous employee can write a negative comment about the company from which he was fired, an angry customer can write a negative review about the shopping experience from an online store, a capricious consumer can post on Facebook how bad it was food at the restaurant where he had lunch, etc. With an effective reputation management strategy, this can be prevented.

Help restore the image if it has suffered!

In the unfortunate event that your online reputation or that of the company has already suffered, the start of an Online Reputation Management campaign must be done as soon as possible. The first step is to take control and understand the nature of the problem and then by implementing a set of specific measures based mainly on creating positive content to push back, to the maximum, the negative results that appear in searches in search engines related to you or company!

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