How to set up SEO goals

The first stage of any marketing approach, whether online or offline, must be goal setting.
The SEO optimization campaign, as an integral part of the online marketing strategy, is no exception. That is why the first step we take in designing an SEO strategy is to establish what goals we want to achieve.

At Apptians, we always aim as the main SEO objectives: increasing our clients’ sales and developing their business. At first glance, these two goals seem bold and difficult to achieve for an SEO optimization campaign.

setup seo goals

Yes, only at first glance… because in reality studies show that this marketing channel is the most profitable, having by far the best ROI ( return on investment ). Even if the first results may appear after at least 3 (three) months of the campaign, they will continue to grow continuously and the effects will be felt in the long run. Consequently, business development that is very well positioned in the online environment will then occur naturally and will be a healthy and sustainable development.

Of course, these goals cannot be achieved without meeting intermediate goals, namely: leading positions for high-traffic keywords, increasing the site’s overall visibility, increasing traffic volume, and developing the potential market by increasing the number of indexed keywords.

Leading positions for keywords with many searches

In each field of activity, there are certain words that have a lot of monthly searches. Examples of such words/expressions can be evening dresses, wedding dresses, sneakers, new balance in fashion or car parts, truck parts, car batteries, online car parts in the car industry or in the toy industry: Ninjago game, a game with spiderman, pluto, mickey mouse and so on.

If we think that all these words have tens of thousands of monthly searches each, we understand why this SEO goal is so important.

Increasing the general visibility of the site

The general visibility of the site is an extremely important indicator that shows us in real-time how our site is positioned in relation to the competition. This takes into account the positions of all the indexed keywords being a metric that shows us the overall image of our site. The general visibility of the site is also closely related to brand awareness!

Increasing the volume of targeted traffic on the site

In this case, quantity matters.

Without a significant volume of traffic it is impossible to have sales results. That is why increasing the volume of traffic is one of the most important SEO objectives that we must set ourselves.

Developing the potential market by increasing the number of indexed keywords

At the opposite pole from the keywords with many monthly searches is the multitude of words and phrases with a low search volume. Searches like a long tail. Most of the time they are ignored by SEO strategies, precisely because they have few searches. A huge potential market is thus lost. Therefore, increasing the number of indexed words is another important SEO goal that we focus on.

All objectives are set each time only with the customer and are always in line with his overall marketing strategy/sales policy.

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By Swastik Saraf

Swastik Saraf is a growth hacker, negotiator, & strategist with a sharp mind & having 5+ yrs of experience. He mainly worked with the CxO's and learned from them.