The most critical component of any SEO strategy is Keyword Research. Search the best keywords that are suitable for the project or niche is a very challenging task. You’ll need to find high search volume terms before you start generating content for your website.

The SEO keywords will help and guide your niche to rank, ensuring that it is both relevant and easily accessible on Google. That, in a nutshell, is what Keyword Research is all about.

It’s normally a time-consuming activity that requires a significant amount of effort to sift through information, numbers, and compare vast lists of keywords. It is, however, critical for executing it correctly. The core of your SEO strategy and content generation will purely depend on Keyword Research.


What is Keyword Research? and why it is important?

Keyword Research is the process of evaluating, analyzing, and finding a list of remarkable keywords for use in SEO. Keywords, also known as search terms, are frequently used to navigate the direction of your content and marketing plan.

Finding high search volume phrases isn’t enough on its own. You must make sure that the SEO keywords you include in your content are relevant to your brand, product, or service, as well as the terms your customers use while searching on Google. That’s why keywords research is an important part of SEO strategy to achieve your goals of ranking.

How to find keywords for projects?

STEP 1: To study your niche thoroughly

The first step is to find keywords to make an initial list of them from the in-depth study projects. The best person to consult within this part is the business owner because he is familiar with the keywords in that particular business.

So now, let’s start with an example for better understanding. Let’s assume that our project is for the Digital Marketing of the Food Delivery App or Website in Delhi.

Common keywords: food, restaurants, online delivery food, food app

Services: SEO services, digital marketing, SEO for food

These all keywords are common just by understanding the niche and head keywords for the project.

STEP 2: Find keywords from Google Suggestions

Google can be used as a tool to find keywords from its suggestion. There are two methods to find the keywords from Google.

The first: The Search Bar of the Google


The second: On the bottom of the search page

Step 3: Check and get more keywords from “Google Keyword Planner”

Add the keywords to the keyword planner.

Google keyword planner

For keyword planner, we will get “Avg, monthly search”, “Competition” for that keywords, and “index value”. From the suggestion panel, we can get more keywords. As our project is for DELHI location must be set as DELHI.

Google keyword planner

From the keyword planner, we can download all keywords in an Excel file format.

If you want to set up Google Keyword Planner step by step then follow A step-By-Step guide to using Google Keyword Planner (

Step 4: Do competitive study

Do competitive study means, Which keywords are used in your competitor’s website, and if the website is ranking then definitely use that keyword in your content also.

Step 5: Gather and organise all the keywords in an excel file based on their priority

You should keep all of the useful keywords on an excel file for future reference, and it’s best if you organize it based on the previous phases.

You’ve selected keywords for your SEO project and are ready to go on to the next step.

You can also use Alexa for the research of Keywords. Alexa is also one of the powerful tools to search keywords

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